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Focus On Quality

Silver Pearl is committed to harness excellence by implementing strict quality control policy. Technology incorporated in our manufacturing plant is sourced from the best technology provides in the world.The quality of our work does not diminish even when production increases.

Straightness of Sides 01

deviation from straightness of the centre of the side in the plane of the tile.

centre curvature 02

departure of the centre of a tile from the plane in which three of the four corners lie.

Polishing defect / Polishing effect 03

visual inconsistency resulting from the polishing process.

Deviation from rectangularity 04

measurement of the departure from squareness of each corner of a tile .

Dry Spot 05

area on the face of a glazed tile which has no glaze .

Glaze devitrification 06

crystallization of the glaze which is visually apparent.